Village PRO Hardware has been proudly serving Marblehead, Ohio, area customers since 1992. Please click each of our services below to find out about our offerings.

Backflow Prevention
Backflow PreventionWe are certified as an Ohio Backflow Preventer servicer and installer (Ohio Certificate #5440).  We can install and service any devices for your residential needs, from your lawn irrigation system to whole-house protection systems.
Starcher Watchtower Home Monitoring Service

Do you leave for warmer places during the winter? Do you travel occasionally? Ever worry about frozen pipes, broken windows, storm damage, or water leakage? Relax – we are right here and we are watching over your home.

We offer affordable, customizable plans that are tailored to YOUR specific needs while you’re away. Your home is in good hands with our Watchtower Home Monitoring Service – guaranteed to be safe and secure upon your return.

SeasonizationFor many of our clients, the ultimate in peace of mind is found with our home “Winterizing” and “Summerizing” services. Our professional Service Technician will shut off the water, blow out the pipes with compressed air, and add non-toxic antifreeze to the drains and appliances to protect them from freezing. The work is guaranteed – if any freeze-related problems are found in the spring, we will repair them at no cost to you (assuming the water is turned back on when it is safe enough to do so, temperature-wise).

In the spring, we will return to your home and place the plumbing system back in service, if you need us to (additional fees apply).

Want more information about our “Seasonization” services?  Please click here, complete the form and we will get back to you with all the details.