Welcome to Village PRO Hardware

We are Marblehead, Ohio’s official do-it-yourself headquarters! Village PRO Hardware has all of the things you need in stock and knowledgeable staff to help you make sure you’re doing it right. We’re currently revamping the entire store to make finding what you need for that project even easier than before.

In addition to hardware, Starcher Enterprises provides services to keep your home safe and functioning properly when you’re gone for an extended period of time with our Seasonization. We can watch over your house while you enjoy the warm, Southern weather during the winter months with our Winter Watchtower program customized just for you! Need a backflow preventer installed or tested? We’ve got you covered!

We are locally owned, and active in our community, too. Give us a call at 419-798-4456 and let us know how we can help you! (Note: Starcher Enterprises no longer offers heating, cooling & plumbing services.)